Corporate Training

IT Corporate Training: When IT companies want their employees to undergo strict training to match up the company missions, and visions, to stay aligned with the strategic plans, to drive performance We are approached by the companies. We conduct corporate training programs which are as per company needs. We make sure our programs are planned and designed based on the recent industry trends under our expert’s supervision.

Agile Methodology Training

Agile Methodology Training: The Agile Scrum Foundation certificate authenticates that the candidate is having the knowledge of Agile methodologies & Scrum practices. We are offering Agile Methodology Training to make candidates Agile -qualified, with the ability to develop as well as deliver high-end products with the application of Scrum concepts for the designated job.

Scrum Master

Scrum Master Training: We are giving training to future scrum master who will act as a facilitator for the company agile development team. It is one methodology which allows a team in making self-organization in order to make required changes quickly, based on agile principles. The scrum master will ensure to manages the process to check the technique of information exchange.

Agile Tester Training

Agile Tester Training: Agile testing is a method to make software testing which is following principles related to Agile software development which are mentioned in Agile Manifesto. Agile Tester will work quite differently when compared to a tester for a traditional project. Our experts will train candidates for Agile Tester Certification

Selenium with Java

Selenium with Java: Selenium is known to be a recommended Web-based automation tool for the It industry. For Web Applications automation it is used. Under this training program, we will train candidates to work using Data Driven Framework plus Keyword Driven Framework and to conduct Cross browser testing.

Advanced Java

Advanced Java: Advanced Java Training program is given by us to developers looking to enhance their Java programming skills. We give a complete overview of Java which can be applied to build web, mobile, as well as desktop applications.